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The Homegrown Version of ‘Replacement Theory’ adopted by the GOP.

(Washington Post, May 31, 2022)

How the Far Right Weaponized America’s Democratic Roots

(The New Republic, August 10, 2021)

Will a More Dangerous Far Right Spring from the Corpse of Trumpism?

(Common Dreams, January 12, 2021)


The GOP had an uneasy relationship with the far right. Until Trump

(Washington Post, September 16, 2021)

Murdering Democracy in Kenosha

(Common Dreams, August 27, 2020)

The Morbid Ideology Behind the Drive to Reopen America 

(The New Republic, April 30, 2020)

Tom Turnipseed: Race Treason and the Promise of Left Populism

(CounterPunch  March 16, 2020)


Trump and the Shifting Landscape of Political Conflict: What Minneapolis Can Teach Us

(Public Seminar, October 16, 2019)

Race Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow 

(Commune Magazine 2019)


Populist Persuasions

(The Baffler, October 2018)

Linton Kwesi Johnson and Black British Struggle

(Africa is a Country 2017)

Roy Moore Lost the Battle, but he’s Winning the War 

(Washington Post 2017)


Trump, Twitter and The Authoritarian Presidency 

(Huffington Post  2016)


From Silent Majority to White-hot Rage: Observations from Cleveland 

(CounterPunch 2016)


Trump and the GOP: the Silent Majority versus the Establishment 

(The Conversation  2016)


Republicans say goodbye to the confederate flag 

(Washington Post  2015)


At its core, American Sniper is about White Fear 

(The Conversation  2015)


Whitening Bobby Jindal 

(Jacobin Magazine, February 2015)


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