Department of Political Science, University of Oregon

Eugene Oregon, 97403

Tel: (541) 346-1478




Ph.D. in Political Science, Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research, 2004.


M.A. in Political Science, Graduate Faculty, New School for Social Research, 1996.


B.A. in Social Ecology, Antioch College, 1990.



US politics, institutions, parties, race and ethnicity, populism, conservatism, social movements.



2009-Present: Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Oregon.


2003-2009: Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Oregon.


2000-2002: Research Associate, Demos, New York.



In Progress:

Manuscript: White Whale: Race, Populism and the Destructive Power of Middle America.



2019  Producers, Parasites, Patriots: Race and the New Right-Wing Politics of Precarity. With Daniel Martinez HoSang. University of Minnesota Press, 208 pages.


2008  From the New Deal to the New Right: Race and the Southern Origins of Modern Conservatism. Yale University Press.


Edited Volume:

2008  Race and American Political Development, Edited with Julie Novkov and Dorian Warren. Routledge Press.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

2017   “William F. Buckley Jr.: Antiblackness as Anti-Democracy.” James Baldwin, William F. Buckley Jr., and the American Dream Special Symposium, Journal of American Political Thought. Volume 6, Number 1, pp. 632 - 640.


2016 “Parasites of Government: Racial Antistatism and Representations of Public Employees amid the Great Recession.” with Daniel Martinez HoSang. American Quarterly, Volume 68, No. 4, pp. 931 - 954.

2016 “White Populism and the Transformation of the Silent Majority” The Forum Volume 14, Issue 1, pp. 25-37.


2013    “Barack Obama’s Body: The Presidency, the Body Politic, and the Contest over American National Identity.” Polity. Volume 45, Issue 4, pp. 469 - 498.  


2011   “Looking Forward to the History of the Tea Party Movement” Logos: A

Journal of Modern Society and Culture.  Volume 10, Issue 3.

2002      “Unstable Antistatism: The Left, the Right and The Outlaw Josey Wales,” The International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society, Volume 16, Number 2, Winter 2002, pp. 237 - 253.


Book Chapters:

2019   “Theorizing Race in the Age of Inequality.”  With Daniel Martinez HoSang. Book chapter for Race Post-Race: Culture, Critique, and the Color Line. Edited by Roopali Mukherjee, Sarah Weiser-Benet, Herman Gray. Duke University Press, pp. 37 - 56.  


2018   “Populism and Race in the United States from George Wallace to Donald Trump.” The Routledge International Handbook of Global Populism. Edited by Carlos De la Torre. Routledge Press, pp. 190 – 200.


2018  “US Populism.” Oxford Handbook of Populism. Edited by Cristobal Rovira Kaltwasser, Pierre Ostiguy, and Paul Taggart. Oxford University Press, pp. 232 – 247.


2015   “American Politics.” The Routledge Handbook of Interpretive Political Science. Edited by Mark Bevir and R.A. Rhodes. Routledge Press, pp. 256 – 267.


2013   “From Birmingham to Baghdad: The Micro Politics of Regime Change.” With Victoria Hattam. Political Creativity: New Approaches to Institutional Diversity and Change. Edited by Gerald Berk, Dennis Galvan, and Victoria Hattam. University of Pennsylvania Press, pp. 211 - 235.


2012  “The Past and Future of Race in the Tea Party Movement” in Steep: The Vertiginous Rise of the Tea Party. Edited by Christine Trost and Lawrence Rosenthal. University of California Press, pp. 152 – 170.   


2008  “Race and American Political Development.” With Julie Novkov and Dorian Warren. In Race and American Political Development, edited by Joseph Lowndes, Julie Novkov and Dorian Warren, Routledge Press, pp. 1-30.


2007  “The Ground Beneath Our Feet: Language, Culture and Political Change.” With Victoria Hattam. In Formative Acts: Reckoning with Agency in American Politics, edited by Stephen Skowronek and Matthew Glassman, University of Pennsylvania Press, pp 199 - 219.


2005   “From Founding Violence to Political Hegemony: The Conservative Populism of George Wallace” in Populism and the Mirror of Democracy, edited by Francisco Panizza, Verso Books, pp. 144 - 171.


Invited Essays:

2017  “From New Class Critique to White Nationalism: Telos, the Alt Right, and the Origins of Trumpism.” Konturen. Volume 9.


2014   “A Democratic Zealot in the Streets and on the Page” in the Symposium: “‘The Most Damage I Can Do’: Joel Olson in Political Theory, Political Critique, and Political Activism” New Political Science, Volume 36, Number 2, pp. 22-24.


2010  “Does the Tea Party Represent Another Great Awakening?” CQ Researcher, p. 257.


2005  “The Inevitably Cultural Politics of Class.” An invited response article in International Labor and Working-Class History No. 67, Spring pp. 50 - 53.


2003  “The Dog That Died: The Southern Triumph over Racial Equality.” Radical  Society, Volume 30, Number 1.


Book Reviews:

2018   “The Problem and Promise of the People” Review essay of What is Populism? By Jan-Werner Müller, and Populism’s Power: Radical Grassroots Democracy in America. By Laura Grattan. Political Theory, August, pp. 643 - 649.


2013   Thurmond’s America. By Joseph Crespino, and All in the Family: The Realignment of American Democracy since the 1960s. By Robert O. Self. Journal of American History, Volume 100, No. 2 September, pp. 485-487.


2001 Way Out There in the Blue: Reagan, Star Wars and the End of the Cold War by Frances FitzGerald, Ethics and International Affairs Journal, Volume 15, Number 1.




2019 Tykeson Teaching Award in the Social Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oregon.


2017  College of Arts and Sciences Program Grant. This $6000 program grant was matched by the University of Oregon Office of International Affairs to  convene an international symposium on Populism titled “‘I Am a People’:  The Performance and Cross-Regional Praxis of Populism.”


2015  Rippey Innovative Teaching Award, University of Oregon.


2012-13  Resident Scholar Award, Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics 


2006  Colligan Award for Political Science Faculty, University of Oregon.


2006  College of Arts and Sciences Program Grant. This $5000 program grant  was matched by the Department of Political Science to convene a conference on race and U.S. political development held at the University  of Oregon.    


2004  Hannah Arendt Prize for Best Dissertation in Politics, New School for  Social Research.


2003 Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship: “Rethinking African  American Studies,” University of Chicago.




University Service:

Advisory Board, Oregon Humanities Center 2016-present.


University Graduate Council 2012-2015. Chair, 2014-2015.


Chair, Politics and Legislative Action Committee, United Academics Faculty Union 2012-2016. 

Advisory Board, Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, 2006-2012.


Professional Service:

Executive Council on Interpretive Methodology, American Political Science Association, 2014 –2017.


Executive Council and Vice President, American Federation of Teachers Oregon 2012-2016.


Section Chair, Politics and History, Midwestern Political Science Association 2016.


Section Co-chair, Politics and History, Western Political Science Association 2013.


Executive Council of the Organized Section on Politics and History of the American Political Science Association, 2007-2009.




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